EarthVPN Review – Excellent VPN Service Provider

So I’m finally back on track creating new articles because an EarthVPN representative asked for a review of their VPN service.
I’m glad they contacted me because I forgot how much fun I had in the earlier stages of Bypass-Censorship when I reviewed numerous VPN services, and got a few free subscriptions from them c:
The VPN we’re going to review today is calledEarthVPN. To start off, they have a pretty sleek website. I love the design.
And now, onto the VPN service itself:

VPN Server Locations

Their VPN service is made up of “6 Continents, 32 countries, 54 locations, 140 servers.”
That means that you can choose to have an IP in one of the 32 countries avaliable (which are mostly in North America and Europe, although there are some in locations like India, South Africa, and numerous other countries).


My normal connection speed is generally 10 ms ping, 27.5 Mbps download, and 5.5 Mbps upload.
Here are some Speedtest results when using various EarthVPN locations:
Atlanta Georgia EarthVPN Speedtest
As you can see, the quality does vary depending on the server (and how close the server is to you).
So while some of their VPN choices are pretty much, well… total crap (for example, I wasn’t even able to properly connect to on their Japan VPN), there are still PLENTY of options to choose from. Many of those options are Grade A++ VPN servers.


According to their website, EarthVPN does NOT log any VPN usage or user activity. Neither us nor third parties are technically possible to match an IP address to an account.
This is obviously very good. All VPN services that care about privacy do not keep logs.


Here’s the specifics on the type of encryption they use for each VPN protocol:

PPTP encryption uses MPPE 128bit cipher with or without compression and MS-CHAPv2 authentication.
L2TP encryption uses the standardized IPSec protocol either the 3DES or AES encryption algorithm. A 256 bit key will be used for encryption.
OpenVPN protocol uses AES cipher with 128bit encryption, hash algorithm is 160bit SHA1, control channel is TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA and 2048 bit RSA.
SSTP protocol uses military grade 2048 bit SSL/TLS certificates for authentication and 256 bit SSL key for encryption.


EarthVPN costs $3.99 monthly and $39.99 yearly. Those are decent prices considering the amount of servers available, especially the yearly subscription.


EarthVPN is pretty much a really good VPN service to choose. The only negative aspect that I found is that some of their VPN servers (especially offshore ones) can be pretty slow.
The representative of EarthVPN I worked with was very kind, intelligent, and helpful.
It was fun reviewing EarthVPN. Please consider buying a subscription. ^-^

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