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Hotspot Shield is a free VPN clientthat protects your computer from spyware and other kind of virus when you are connected through a public hot spot Wi-Fi to download safely different elements for your Windows 7 system security. Launch the application and discover how easy it is.
What is Hotspot Shield? It is free Software used to navigate safely through the Internet when you use a public Wi-Fi hot spot. Hotspot Shield uses a Virtual Private Network to secure your connection, hiding your IP address and allowing you to enter websites that are not available in your territory safely.

Launch it for accessing hot spots easily

Hotspot Shield is really easy to use. Just download the application, install it and it will work fine. It uses a 128 bit SSL encryption that assures you to navigate safely through the Internet.
A safer connection also has its costs. Due to you are connected through a VPN your Internet speed will be slower than usual because of the data encryption. However, even with this possible problem the connection works fine.

Useful software

The developers have also included recently free malware protection for a certain period of time for your windows system, so you wouldn’t get infected while you are surfing the Internet.
Launch the VPN client to connect you to the developer’s server. This way it will appear you are connecting from other place. This could be an advantage if where you live your favorite website is banned or just to access videos from the Internet that are geographically restricted.
There are other free alternatives to download VPN client like Spotflux or UltraSurf, compatible with several windows systems like 7, but this software is surprisingly so easy to use, that is its strong point.

Hotspot Shield Features

It includes the following features:
  •  Surf safely with a secured HTTPS
  •  128 bit SSL encryption
  •  Hide your IP address
  •  Be safe even using public Wi-Fi hotspots
  •  Protect your privacy against hackers, malware and security breaches
  •  Access to all Internet content
  •  Avoid firewalls while you’re surfing on the Net
  •  Be able to work with Wi-Fi and wired connection
If you want to read more information about it, you can do it here


Hotspot Shield is really easy to use, you won’t get any problems to use it and all the functions it provides may help you when you need it. VPN connection, malware protection and data encryption while navigating are great features for simple software.
  • Windows wide compatibility (xp, vista, 7 among others)
  • Really simple to use and launch
  • Navigate anonymously
  • Grant access to banned sites
  • It slows down your speed connection

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